The First International Saga Conference

The First International Saga Conference
21—29 August 1971

The Icelandic Sagas and Western Literary Tradition

Proceedings of the First International Saga Conference, University of Edinburgh, 1971, ed. by Peter Foote, Hermann Pálsson and Desmond Slay (London: Viking Society for Northern Research, 1973).

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  1. Régis Boyer: The influence of Pope Gregory’s Dialogues on Old Icelandic literature.
  2. Michael Chesnutt: Popular and learned elements in the Icelandic saga tradition.
  3. George Clark: Beowulf and Njáls saga.
  4. Robert Cook: The sagas of Icelanders as dramas of the will.
  5. Christine Fell: The Old Norse version of the Book of Joshua.
  6. Peter Hallberg: The concept of gipta—gæfa—hamingja in Old Norse literature.
  7. Andrew Hamer: Legendary fiction in Flateyjarbók.
  8. Jónas Kristjánsson: Elements of learning and chivalry in Fóstbræðrasaga.
  9. Robert Kellogg: Sex and the vernacular in medieval Icelandic.
  10. Hallvard Magerøy: The literary background of the account of Óspakr’s revenge in the Bandamanna saga.
  11. Marina Mundt: Observations on the influence of Þiðriks saga on Icelandic saga writing.
  12. John M. Simpson: Eyrbyggja saga and nineteenth-century scholarship.
  13. Stefán Karlsson: Icelandic lives of Thomas à Becket: Questions of authorship.
  14. A. B. Taylor: Orkneyinga saga — patronage and authorship.
  15. R. George Thomas: Men and society in Hranfkels saga Freysgoða.
  16. John van der Westhuizen: The sagas of Icelanders — possibilities of ethical criticism.

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